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Women’s Underwear

Underwear for a woman is a way to cheer yourself up, make admiration of your surroundings your own forms, feel irresistible. There are many kinds of women’s underwear and everyone carries a message and idea. The pants have become stronger in the women’s wardrobe at first in the form of trousers, with time more and more shortening and decorating with ornaments in the form of lace, embroidery, and later various precious and semiprecious stones. Why do women’s panties in their modern thread-like performance? Today, strings are part of the wardrobe of almost any young woman. The panties of the tang model slightly cover the fifth point of the beautiful half of humanity, the slip is distinguished by a lace inset in the front. To better understand why you need panties, you can consider the model boxers, that is mini-shorts, which will warm in the cold, and protect from rubbing, and perform a hygienic function. However, such underwear can not be worn under a short skirt or tight trousers. Tissue products of this kind are chosen by sports girls, for whom, in the first place, comfort is important.


The bra is necessary for the health and beauty of the female breast. Modern models have many styles and perform various functions. Strapless strap strip is a stylish bra model called "bando". The bra can be made of lace, knitwear, elastic dense fabric. The latter option is very functional for supporting a small breast. The push-up model has foam or gel inserts on the cups. If the cup has a completely foam base, the bra significantly increases the size of the breast, for lifting and supporting use inserts on the bottom edge of the cup. The bra-balconet maximally opens the decollete area and provides support with straps widely spaced apart. Calyx models cover the breast only half, effectively lifting it. Models without pits make the comfort and convenience of socks pleasing. Frameless bras support the breast thanks to a wide ribbon-base, as well as wide straps. At the same time, the forms are natural. Models without pits are popular among future and lactating mothers, as well as women with lush forms. Frameless construction is an uncommon feature of bras for nursing women. Soft cups have special hook fasteners or buttons that allow you to open the breast for feeding, without removing the bra at the same time. The model with bones can have a soft, hard and porolonovuyu cup. A special feature of the brassiere is the giving of a rounded breasts. The bra with hard cups gives the breast extra volume and is indispensable for wearing under tight and translucent wardrobe items. Models with cups made of cotton, lace and guipure are indispensable as everyday and erotic linen. The elasticity of such models is considered to be the experts most harmless for the female breast. The model is a jersey with built-in cups. Such a bra becomes an indispensable attribute in sports and for everyday wearing. Sport models have supportive and compression effects. Each of them provides a fixed state of the breast during physical exertion by pressing the breast. Bra bustier resembles a short top, as it has a wide base, reaching up to 15 cm. The base can be made of dense material, as well as lace, complemented by fringe and other types of decor.


The corset is an important element in corrective and erotic underwear. In its classical manifestation, it has a bodice on bones with a supporting effect, as well as vertical plates that produce a waist and hip slender. The main material is a dense canvas. The dream of any representative of the fair sex - to look perfect, with a tight figure, which perfectly looks any clothes. However, not every lady can boast of an attractive physique. In this case, corset linen will help to solve the problem, which will carefully remove all unnecessary and show only the advantages of its owner. In our time, such underwear is sewed absolutely of any size, so a woman or girl, even with very lush forms, can safely expect to look dignified. The last time in the trend is a slender, smart silhouette, to which almost all women of our planet aspire. They use a variety of methods to achieve their goal. But one of the most painless ways to visually make the waist already, and the bust is more magnificent is the corset linen, a photo of which can often be found on the pages of fashion magazines. It is especially suitable for those ladies who do not want to adhere to strict diets or attend fitness centers and gyms. In addition, wearing corset linen eliminates the need for radical measures, namely in plastic surgery, for example, to remove excess fat deposits. According to the opinion of fashion experts, it is possible to distinguish the main three types of described underwear, in particular corsets. Demonstrative: such corsets can be a part of clothing. For example, women of fashion like to wear a corset with a skirt, trousers, shorts, jeans. Business: these corsets also act as a part of outerwear and fit under strict jackets, jackets. Linen: they are put directly on the body, under the clothes. Among the subspecies of this type of underwear can be noted body, corsets, corsets, grace, bustier. The corset underwear of the brassiere group includes bras of various forms and kinds (including a bra combination).

Men’s underwear

If you think that fashionable underwear is only interested in girls, then this is fundamentally wrong. The strong sex, too, cares not only that he was comfortable. Although this parameter is the most important when choosing a model. Cute underwear, emphasizing the figure - this is what all women like without exception. Consequently, every representative of the strong half of mankind regularly ponders what panties are preferable to choose. In this case, the model should in no case be too tight, impede movement, and cause inconvenience. After all, men’s health is directly related to what kind of underwear man wears. To date, male boxers have become very popular. And this is not surprising. Men have long been bored with Soviet versions of underwear, which in the people are usually called "family". "Boxers" favorably emphasize the figure and allow you to wear pants without fear that you will see the silhouette of cowards. And this is very important when it comes to summer clothes made of fine fabric. Men’s boxer briefs are also very popular with women. This is confirmed by the numerous social surveys conducted in many countries of the world. I would like to say more about what pants should be chosen for daily wear. Proceeding from the physiology, and not from the aesthetic qualities of the underwear, we can conclude that there is nothing better for men it is very convenient to wear boxers. And if monotony suddenly gets bored, there is nothing complicated. Today, different kinds of cowards allow you to constantly change something.


When buying pantyhose, every woman wants them to serve her as long as possible, they were resistant to hooks, had good elasticity, beautiful appearance, inconspicuous and flat seams, ergonomic shape and a nice body texture . The assortment that the modern market offers us is simply huge. The first tights were a combined product: the cotton panties were connected to the legs of synthetic fine fibers. Now all the tights are made of nylon, silk, spandex and their combinations. For the office fit models with a density of 40 den. Pantyhose 20 den - this is an option for everyday wear, and 70 den - for cool weather. Once you pick up a quality manufacturer, then you can safely choose from the whole range of the company products of different colors, types and densities. Warm pantyhose - just an indispensable attribute of the image in the cold winter. Fortunately, the variety of models will help you choose the most suitable pair for your figure and under your clothes. On the shelves in the stores today there are a lot of pantyhose of various colors and textures. Before you buy, think about what you will wear them. Also, do not forget that the choice of this wardrobe depends on the type of your figure. For example, the full girls are categorically contra-indicated tights of light shades, with a large pattern or fishnet stockings. If there are thin vertical lines on the tights, this will visually make the legs more slender. The best option for owners of non-model parameters are tight pantyhose of black color. Slender beauties can choose absolutely any options. However, make sure that the color and texture of the tights fit the clothes. Also in the store you can buy warm tights with a low waist. This is a great option for wearing a skirt or trousers. If you have to sit down or bend over, the surrounding people will not be able to notice their upper edge.


Everyone needs to have socks in their wardrobe. Multicolored or monophonic, slipper socks, compression, with fingers - any model of this garment will find its application. Socks - a kind of underwear, a short stocking that does not reach the knee. A paired fabric garment intended to be worn on a man’s legs. Socks are usually made of cotton, wool and other natural fibers, as well as from chemical and synthetic fibers and their combinations, including the addition of elastane. In the production of socks, antibacterial and aromatic impregnations (menthol socks) are sometimes used. Socks, as a rule, are knitted or crocheted, factory-made or handmade. Consist of the following parts: bead (double or single), pagolenok, heel (high or low, reverse or circular, classical or Y-shaped, left and right), track, ring reinforcement and toe. The site of the toe is technically absolutely identical to the heel area. Socks are male, female, teen and child. All these species differ in size, type of raw materials, manufacturing method, kind of weaving and coloring.

Sleeping bags (pajamas)

What you prefer to wear before bedtime is your own business. You can be perfectly happy in a funny striped set, while someone else prefers to go to bed in a nice nightgown (or absolutely naked!). But do you know how today’s nightgown has reached its present state? The history of pajamas is more amazing than you think! In the early 1900s a fashion designer named Paul Poiret created silk pajamas that could be worn in the daytime or in the evening in public. And today in some Asian countries people still like to wear pajamas as usual casual clothes. In Japan, this trend is one step ahead. Some people like to go out into society in clothes with a strange name kigurumi. This is a cross between pajamas and a suit. Clothing covers the entire body of man, it is created in the form of cartoon characters, animals and so on.