15 pairs of socks that will make an image

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The trend for stitment socks was born largely thanks to luxury brands. Gucci, Fendi, Vetements and Loewe almost simultaneously introduced this accessory into the assortment, thereby attracting the attention of those who can not afford to buy podium items, but are willing to spend twenty dollars on socks. But do not think that socks are just a successful marketing strategy. In fact, apart from a practical function, they really have the ability to refine an image. Try to wear jeans and sneakers with ordinary socks, and then, for example, with a gently pink No.21 - and you will see the result yourself. Smart socks can be found not only in Gucci and Fendi. Today they are produced by Marni (ironic in a cage), Balenciaga (with a logo), mass-market Mango (translucent lilac shades), & Other Stories (simulating compression socks, as on Prada show). Even Virgil Ablo of Off-White remained indifferent to the beautiful socks and released blue socks. The more unexpected the combination of socks and shoes, the stronger they will catch attention. Try to mix the high and low genres: for men’s shoes choose knitted bright socks, and to the massive ugly-beautiful running shoes - translucent socks of a gentle shade.