Warm pantyhose - its stylish: fashion trends 2018

Главная News Warm pantyhose - its stylish: fashion trends 2018
In our time, girls no longer need to freeze in thin nylon pantyhose in the winter in order to remain feminine, or to clothe themselves in layers of cumbersome and inconspicuous clothing, fleeing from frosts. Fashion trends of the coming year indicate that the hit of this season will be pantyhose of all kinds of colors, ornaments and textures.

The combination of black tights-netoches with bright socks or second pantyhose causes surprise for many girls. Stylists recommend combining monophonic tights with colored socks. But two pairs of tights will look unusual and interesting in its own way.

Fishnet tights
Since ancient times it was thought that tights in a mesh - this is a sign of bad taste, but nevertheless they never went out of fashion. These pantyhose will look especially beautiful, but the main thing is not to wear them under a short skirt or dress.

Tights with the effect of ombre
The ombre effect is popular not only in the hairdresser’s art, but also in the fashion world. Tights with a stretch of color will harmoniously be combined with short shorts, a leather skirt or a short dress. In the classical style, you can choose a model in a universal color scheme. This is a smooth transition from white to gray or from ashy to black.

Flower prints
Prints with flowers are very relevant in 2018. Bright colors on tights will give you positive emotions on cloudy winter days, and the possible variations in warm pastel colors will make your image feminine and gentle.

Tights with imitation stockings
Trendy tights with imitation stockings like and modest girls, and lovers of seductive outfits. Such pantyhose you can use when creating an image for some kind of party or event. Hurry to refill your wardrobe, because such an element of clothing is suitable for both the official and business image.