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Warm pantyhose - its stylish: fashion trends 2018

In our time, girls no longer need to freeze in thin nylon pantyhose in the winter in order to remain feminine, or to clothe themselves in layers of cumbersome and inconspicuous clothing, fleeing from frosts. Fashion trends of the coming year indicate that the hit of this season will be pantyhose of all kinds of colors, ornaments and textures.
21.02.2018 [More]

15 pairs of socks that will make an image

Socks as an important accessory of the season - and we are not joking
21.01.2018 [More]

History of T-shirts at an exhibition in London

Curators of the new exhibition decided to prove that an ordinary T-shirt had a very important cultural and historical influence in politics, art, fashion and technology.
31.10.2017 [More]

Etam Live Show - the only defile of underwear

Etam Live Show takes place on the opening day of the Fashion Week in Paris for the tenth time and demonstrates fashion trends, a combination of traditional techniques of haute couture and an innovative approach to the production of underwear.
22.09.2017 [More]

How to choose the perfect underwear

Every woman should do three things in her life: learn how to draw arrows, walk on tall stiletto heels and choose the perfect underwear.
15.09.2017 [More]

"Smart" underwear can help prevent back pain

Mechanized "smart" underwear, which can help prevent back pain, was created by engineers at Vanderbilt University. It reduces the tension of the lower back and is activated only when it is needed.
17.08.2017 [More]

Features of the choice of womens pantyhose

One of the important components of the womens wardrobe are pantyhose. For the first time this kind of lingerie appeared in the 40s of the last century, but only in the mid-60s it began to be popular. Pantyhose became an excellent substitute for the usual stockings, which was inconvenient to wear under mini-skirts.
22.06.2017 [More]

Scientists have found out that an uncomfortable bra can harm a womans health

A group of scientists from Australia conducted a study, which concluded that the wrongly selected bra could cause discomfort when wearing it, and also contribute to harming women’s health.
31.05.2017 [More]